Spain – exploring the Roman ruins at Bolonia

We awoke to early morning rain, but luckily the clouds soon parted and we set off on the bikes to the early Roman settlement at Bolonia, some 15kms from our campsite.  Two good 3 km climbs each way certainly made the outing worthwhile, as did the magnificent setting of the old Roman town, which is right on the beach having traded with North Africa in tuna and salt since the 1st century BC.

Spain – exploring Tarifa by bike

Woke up to another beautiful morning and seas calm enough to allow learners on the waves, so out came the stand up paddle boards.  It’s been a couple of months since we’ve been on the boards, so we were pleased the water wasn’t too cold, as spent quite a bit of time in it rather than standing up … great fun to be back on them again, and to know that we’ve got plenty of time to improve!

We then took the bikes into nearby Tarifa, trailer attached to do some grocery shopping, a beautiful peeling white port town with a very laid back surfer feel.