Europe – back to winter

Sad to leave Moroccan shores behind we stopped for a typical Moroccan breakfast  of msemmen (a fried dough pancake covered in honey) and harsha (semolina pan fried flat bread) as well as the obligatory pain au chocolat for Leigh and then crossed the border to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta to catch the ferry.

It was once we returned to mainland Europe that the cold front really hit us; pounding rain, some hail and strong wind.  Given the awful weather and the fact that we had some chores and admin to sort out in the UK, we decided not to waste time stopping in the rain and so drove pretty much 3 days solid to get to the UK.  We’ll be here a week or so, spending time between London and Oxford and it has been great catching up with friends and family.

It’s certainly been a reminder of why we went in search of sunshine in the first place – one of the coldest weeks to hit Britain, with snow flurries, freezing Arctic winds and below zero temperatures!!