The end of the journey … and the beginning of a new adventure

After a couple of weeks in London sorting out the admin of getting Bambi and Cali on a boat to South Africa, we enjoyed a third week relaxing and catching up with family and friends and doing a lot of very muddy trail running.  We then flew out to Cape Town, stopping in Abu Dhabi to catch up with Moe, Tarryn, Jamie and Jenna.  Leigh’s quest for adrenalin was more than satisfied by being the only one of us brave enough to go on the Liwa Loop ride at Yas Water World; I got my art fix at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair, but sadly many of our plans (and half of the Art Fair) were washed out by the unseasonal rain and the biggest storms since 1993!  The girls were pleased as school was closed and we watched the various flooded roads being pumped and cleaned as half of the surrounding desert was washed in to the city.

We’ve now reached Cape Town and have had our fair share of the infamous South-Easter wind.  We realise despite the Middle Eastern rain storms and wind of the fairest Cape, that we of course have avoided the worst of the European winter and are greatly looking forward to a South African summer.  We’re starting a separate blog charting our progress in setting up a business in Cape Town: watch the blog tab for updates.