2 thoughts on “Cycle in to Alcossebre with Natacha, Pim and family

  1. Hi Lucy and Leigh,

    We really had very high hopes for both of you and that mountain bike race. So we’re kind of dissapointed that you didn’t win. :-)

    Still jalouse about your great adventure (and caravan), we will check in on you from time to time and live the adventure through your posts.

    We are glad to have met you. The girls say hi and hope to see you when the ‘sun’ leads you to Brussels. Always welcome!

    Good luck!

    • It was great to meet you all and we missed you in camp this week! Sorry to disappoint in the mountain bike race – those trails are quite something … we need more training time here and we’ll win! Hope all is well back in Belgium and hopefully see you in a campsite somewhere along the way again! All the best L&L x

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