Morocco – Essaouira to Imsouane

Awoke to a beautiful calm morning on our last day in Essaouira.  Started the day with a run following the beach passing the ruins of the palace, nearly being swallowed by the sand, said to be the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix’s Castles made of Sand.  Spent the morning exploring the ramparts and soaking up the atmosphere in the souks of Essaouira before packing up camp and taking the tiny winding road to Imsouane.

We drove through groves of Argan trees; this is the main area from which the costly oil is produced.  We then veered back towards the coast on a single track road that wound its way down to the Atlantic, providing amazing vistas along the way.

Atlantic vistas on the road to Imsouane

Atlantic vistas on the road to Imsouane

Imsouane campsite is perched on the north side of the village, a short walk down to the beach.  It’s a really small village, with a handful of houses and now some surfer hangouts, but not much in the way of provisions or wi-fi! We spent several days in Imsouane, trying out the SUPs in the waves and exploring the (extremely hilly) coastline by bike.

2 thoughts on “Morocco – Essaouira to Imsouane

  1. Hi….all sounds amazing! When you were in the water, did you need to wear wetsuits? What is the water temp.? Loving being able to catch up… Adsl now connected at home again so should be able to Skype soon. x R

    • We did wear wetsuits, though water was not as cold as we thought it would be; some were swimming without wetsuits, but to stay in the water for any length of time you are better off in a wetsuit xx

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