Morocco – Essaouira: Windy City Africa

We certainly now understand why Essaouira is called Windy City Africa!  Sheltering in the van from wind and rain; little did we realise how good we had it yesterday!  The rest of the day looks like this (thanks to Matt for setting us up with lots of viewing content!):

The Essaouira Odeon - sadly popcorn is not provided!

The Essaouira Odeon – sadly popcorn is not provided!

13 thoughts on “Morocco – Essaouira: Windy City Africa

  1. It’s nice to hunker down together every now and again. Proper snow here in London. Took the boys onto the common this morning and built snowmen and generally got very wet and very cold! So we also had movie afternoon snuggled up on the couch together.

  2. Hey guys,
    Did not realise you had left on your fantastic trip already! Well done!
    We will be following your trip with great interest with a tinge of green. All good down south but with a few floods in the lowveld over the past weeked. Am in London next week and will miss bunking down with you guys.
    Travel safe and enjoy the freedom of the journey. Hopefully you will have the southern cross on your navigations and we will have you in SA soon.

    • Hope you survive the freeze in London – we’re certainly glad we’re now in sunny, warm Morocco! Let us know if you guys are intending to head Europe way in summer – we’ll be heading back to Southern Europe in March.
      Lots of love & enjoy London

  3. Well guys you are there a living the dream :)

    Looks like you are having fun but I guess I was right about the chilly weather in Africa :) Have a ball and looking forward to the rest of the posts!!

    Cheers D :)

    • Luckily Africa is now warming up!! 20 degrees in Taghazout today … and got out on the SUPS (not quite like Brighton!).
      Hope all is well

  4. hey guys watts app.i wish I was with you.watt are you doing today.
    did you bring your big FAT fluffy cat.i am so jelous.i saw the pic of the baboon.
    gota go
    love ya

      • Hey Jenna – we’ve been out in the middle of nowhere for the last few days, so no internet – you would have loved it; big waves, cliffs over the sea, surfers and lots of dogs (including one we were feeding with lots of puppies)

          • Our big fluffy cat is surviving the snow in London, being looked after by my Mum and Dad at the moment, and from next month by our friend Anna, who probably loves him more than we do (she lived with us for a while and fell in love with him, so we know he’ll be okay). There are lots of cats here and it just makes us miss him lots.

  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of down time in the van,

    Cooking in Cape Town! Both fans are on, got AirPlay sorted with tunes on iPad… Now where is my wine?!

    Keep on keeping on. Big Love from the Wardles.

    • Hi Jamie – we’re getting loads of practice on the stand up paddle boards in, so you better be practising too for when we come to SA!
      Lots of love

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