Morocco – Marrakech

We took the beautiful “route of almonds” out of Tafraoute towards Agadir, driving another magnificent pass which wound its way for miles along the Atlas mountains, past a series of fortified villages, before finally descending towards the coast.

From there we headed north up to the outskirts of Marrakech to the most fantastic campsite, which can only be described as 5 star!  With the snow covered mountains a mere stone’s throw away and a flat cycle ride into the centre of Marrakech, we have settled in for a few days.  We spent the first unwinding at the pool and then ventured in to explore the maze-like souks and soak up the atmosphere of the old medina.

Today we headed to the beautiful Jardin Marjorelle, in the heart of the new town.  Designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle, who lived there from the ‘20s to the ‘60s (and subsequently bought by Yves Saint-Laurent, who fell in love with Marrakech) and planted an amazing botanic garden of cacti from all over the world, it is a haven in the madness of modern Marrakech.  The house and various pavilions dotted in the 12 acres of garden are painted deep Yves Klein blue, with pots of bright yellows, oranges and reds showing off cacti and bougainvillea.  From there we explored the rest of the area on the bikes, taking in various galleries and design shops – a real contrast to the souks and squares of the old town.

3 thoughts on “Morocco – Marrakech

    • I was just saying I needed to bring out the photos from our visit – seems like just the other day, can you believe it was 2004! And the ladies with the macaroons are still in the souks!

  1. Did you resist those baskets! I’m sure you are soaking up decor ideas too.
    Love from M and T in cloudy but dry Oxford.

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