Morocco – On to Taroudant

After nearly two weeks we were sad to say goodbye to the campsite outside Taghazout – we will certainly miss the wonderful Paradise Valley, with its empty silence broken only by the occasional bird song, comical braying ass and Berber children shouting “bonjour” or “bon bon” while minding their small herds of goats and sheep.  We will also miss our friend M’hammed, who delivered fresh strawberries, raspberries, macaroons and sweet pastry delights to our tent each afternoon!

We left the Atlantic and paradise valley and set off this morning for the bustling town of Taroudant, in the fertile Souss valley region and at the foot of the Atlas mountains.  The road out east from Agadir was lined with date plantations, orange orchards and even trees!  Taroudant, once the capital (back in the 16th century), is a wonderful walled city with a laid back feel.  We got lost in the winding back streets and explored the two souks, the Souk Arab, filled with Tuareg and Berber jewellery, tajine pots and leather babouches (Moroccan slippers) and the Marche Berbere, filled with spices, vegetables, olives and clothing.

We later enjoyed soaking up the evening atmosphere, when the whole town descends on the two main squares and the streets become a whirlwind of bicycles, scooters, horse drawn carriages and pedestrians.


11 thoughts on “Morocco – On to Taroudant

  1. Wonderful to catch up again – your wonderfully descriptive blogs make us greedy for them! What feasts for eyes and tummies!
    Love from Roma. M and T.

  2. M’hammed looks like a great guy to know. Those macaroons look fab! Still cold here but getting out on the bike a bit. Longing to be able to cycle in shorts!

  3. Hi,
    That all looks so amazing. I want a M’hammed delivering me all those delicious things
    We are heading off to Phinda for the weekend. Taking mom for a treat. Internet is back on line, so maybe we can skype sunday evening. 5pm our time
    Lots of love

    • Hope you’re having a great time in Phinda! We are moving on, so not sure we’ll have internet where we’re headed, but will certainly try to skype at 5 your time tomorrow

    • Not fair that you’re out with Piers and Gaudy and we’re not!! Resign now, come and join us and we’ll start the training programme; with over a year to train it will be a cinch. Come on!! There’s actually a half marathon and trail run here in Tafraoute tomorrow – we were vaguely thinking about signing up for the half, but as it’s in the Anti Atlas mountains we chickened out, but decided next year it would be good. Trail run of 65kms this time next year??

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