Morocco: Taghazout

Fantastic day today – we were pleased to have made the decision to move on from Imsouane.  Although the site there was fantastic and a short walk down the cliff to the beach, the waves were just too big for us; the “easy wave” beach inaccessible and the wind started to blow furiously (from which there was no escape); so we moved south and are pleased we did so.  We’re now in a site just outside the hippy surf hangout of Taghazout, in a campsite with great facilities and a short walk to a expansive beach with more manageable waves on which to hone our SUP skills.

Started the day with a run on the beach and after chilling went down and played in the waves.  Think we’ll spend some time here – dirt roads to explore on the bikes and plenty of beaches close by.

5 thoughts on “Morocco: Taghazout

    • You would love it here – very chilled! Sorry we didn’t get to see you before we left – it was just all too hectic!!

      • No need to apologise – knew you’d have all sorts to sort out. Keep on having a blast. Look forward to catching up at some stage in the future to hear all your stories.

  1. Lost you for a while and had to write to Rome to get the blog back again! M and T seem to be having a good time and we were fearful of the weather for them but all seems well.Summer has been very “iffy” here so far but a scrumptious swim in the Kasouga lagoon with swallows swooping,not gathering yet,and no other bathers around on Thursday restored the hopes for summer.
    Just loving all the descriptions,what a trip you are having.Had been worried that Algerian troubles might spill your way but all seems peaceful. Love R and M

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