Morocco – the Dades Gorge

After exploring the palmeries in the Todra gorge valley we moved only 75 kilometres south-east, to the Dades gorge.  Completely different to the Todra gorge, it narrows substantially and has a steep climb consisting of a number of tight hairpin bends.  There are amazing rock formations in the valley and we drove the gorge and then spent the next day hiking through a smaller canyon just across from our campsite, between amazing formations known alternately as “the body rocks” and “the monkey’s fingers”.  The hike was challenging: crawling under bolders, scaling small sections of rocky cliff and jumping stepping stones in the parts where water flowed.

2 thoughts on “Morocco – the Dades Gorge

  1. Glad we only saw the photo(s) of the hike through the canyon (especially that suspended boulder!) only AFTER the event and glad Leigh is an excellent and careful driver with news of those hairpin bends! Lots of love from Venezia. M and T.

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