Spring in Cape Town

We can’t believe that September has come and gone already! Apologies for not doing any blogging, but September was a catalogue of minor disasters which meant not much happened on the distillery front at all; instead we pretty much took the month off from distillery related activities and tried to distract ourselves from the dust and noise of builders (work on the house section is going full steam ahead) by being tourists in our new home town!

We really enjoyed spending time with family and friends and got out and about a lot, exploring the nearby winelands, surfing (but unfortunately I got gashed by another board and had to have stitches, so haven’t been able to get back in the water yet), mountain biking on the mountain and in the vineyards and lots of walking.

I’m happy to report that the distillery equipment is back in working order and, once the new windows and doors into the distillery have been installed (which should be by the end of the week), we’ll clean up and start fermenting and distilling again.

2 thoughts on “Spring in Cape Town

  1. SA Tourism would benefit from these less commonplace views of the Fairest Cape and its environs. So glad to have a new blog to read – I visit your site every morning in hope!

  2. And we’ve now added an update to the Hopkins Street renovations page – work began on the living section on 1 September; we’re a month in and choking on dust!

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