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  1. Hi guys .miss u lots. when can we skype ? your add on thingy looks like a giant tin can . when can we come with ?

    love u like jelly tots and skittles


    PS . i am JELOUSE .

    • It’s not a tin can … it’s our home! You would love it here; just beautiful. Will send photos soon and skype as soon as we have proper internet again (hopefully this week!).
      Lots of love L&L xx

    • Hey Jamie – you would love the Bambi – inside she’s gorgeous! Hope you have a great Easter and score loads of Easter eggs!
      Tell your mom to get in touch to arrange a time to Skype. Lots of love xx

  2. Hello there, all sounds amazing
    you look so well and so does Bambi.
    We having a great time in Cape Town doing lots, you would not say we grannies!
    Weather has been a bi t cold, food wonderful.
    Will Skype when back in Grahamstown.
    Brenda and Carol Anne

    • Glad to hear you’re having a ball – let us know when you’re back. We’ve got wi-fi in the campsite, so good to skype. Lots of love xx

  3. Hello Leigh and Lucy. I hope this message finds you both fine. Great pictures. I like the ferret Leigh. The pictures of Spain countryside remind me of Africa. Take care and best wishes. Delport clan. London.

  4. Just remembered to check in to Van Life – love your new coffee mugs (and the smart Nero coffee pot) and Leigh looks as if he is basking in sunshine glow with your new glasses! Even life on the road can be stylish!
    M and T.

  5. Its my 6 month birthday today and i know you guys are also celebrating Van life….

    so…. happy happy to us both!!!

    We miss you and send you lots of love

    Here i am at the white house

  6. To Lucy,
    Many Happy returns for 9th June 2013.
    Have a good day many thanks for postcard, lots of love,


    Have a special birthday,

    lots of love,

    Crispin, Steph, Joseph, Hannah and lump

  7. You have made us thirst for Portugal,wonderful pics and descriptions.
    Happy birthday fellow Gemini Love Rosemary and Malvern

  8. Dear Leigh and Lucy

    Looks as though you are living the dream.

    Eat drink and be merry.

    I have made your site a favorite so I will be checking in regularly.



    • Hey Mike – good to hear from you! We are certainly living the dream – it’s been wonderful! Hope that you’re enjoying your change of lifestyle too xx

  9. That little Renault is gorgeous and just your colour scheme – but what would Cali and Bambi say!
    Lots of love,
    M and T.

  10. Happy Birthday Leigh.
    Hope you and Lucy are having a nice time on your birthday.
    Not sure whether Margot has communicated with you i have an addition to my family, a daughter Kathryn Rose.

    Crispin, Steph, Hannah, Joseph and Kathryn.

    My Mum has also wished me to -pass on message; “Dear Leigh, Happy birthday wherever you are lots of Love. Patricia.

  11. Welcome back and onto another adventure. may it all go well and we look forward to hearing about it all love R and M

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